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888-557-4706 | Info@sentfs.com
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LOTO Safety

Our safety standards aren’t for our clients: it is for our people. Sentinel Field Services, LLC values the importance of each person and everything they stand for. Training and safety compliance are our primary goals before we conduct any work at our client’s facility. We want our people to be the shepherds of good practices, safety, and professionalism, so they may help teach and lead by example.

This rigorous commitment is central to our services. Wherever we work, these values will follow. We will always plan to meet our customer’s EHS goals, but our goal is to always exceed those. By exceeding customer EHS needs, applicable laws, and regulatory requirements, we can set the bar and standard in this industry.

Beyond creating a good reputation—which is a great outcome with excellence in safety practices—we also ensure that everyone will go home safely at the end of the workday. Keeping our workers safe is our number one priority.

Safety is the mission and goal we have successfully maintained for over 20+ years and will continue to do.

Our Mission:

  • Transparency with communication to our employees, our company, and our clients.
  • All work-related illness and injury are preventable.
  • Be a steward of safety and of the environment.
  • Always improve our ethic, safety, and ourselves.
  • Safety is 24/7/365. It is a lifestyle, not a practice.
  • Everyone participates in safety; no compromises.
  • Lastly, safe work is a promise we make to ourselves and our loved ones.